"Growing Up In The Universe" is the title of Professor Richard Dawkins’ inspiring 1991 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. You can view them in their entirety here or you can use our specially edited extracts to support your lesson teaching.

You can use this resource in a variety of ways, perhaps as end-of-term videos or to support learning in Science lessons about the scientific method, evolution, and DNA. In RE or General Studies lessons about the awe and wonder that the study of the natural world can arouse, or about the conflict between science and religion. More inventively, clips from the lectures can be used as starter activities in Art, where students may design their own animals or plants, or in English with creative writing from the perspective of an evolutionally successful animal or a visitor to an alien world where life has evolved differently from on Earth.

The resources on this site are intended only to illustrate some ways in which the lectures may be used - teachers of every subject will have their own ideas. By clicking on the links below, teachers can see suggested lessons including clips from the lectures, worksheets and additional resources.

The lesson plans and worksheets are PDF files, which require Adobe Reader to view them. If the videos in the player windows cannot be seen, download Adobe Flash Player here. The downloadable WMV files are for use with a Windows PC using Windows Media Player 10 and above.

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What is Science For? Isn't Evolution Improbable? Design your own Organisms!